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Silent Mills 02 – Sandö

Silent Mills 02 – Sandö is number two in a new category that develops and deepens the theme of the pedigree and authenticity of our Origins series. The High Coast, and its nature and history, is the backbone of our brand and the source of inspiration for our whisky.

Like Timmer, all Silent Mills editions are peated and are matured on 200 liter bourbon barrels. The crucial difference between Timmer and the Silent Mills series is that we add other barrels to Silent Mills to deepen the taste and create a whisky with more complexity and an exciting tonality.

The tranquil Norrland river smokiness is accompanied in Silent Mills 02 by interesting flavors from near and far. In Silent Mills 01, it was American new oak that added spice and clear vanilla tones. In Silent Mills 02 – Sandö, it is instead selected sherry casks that deepen the taste. The tang of dried fruit and raisins give the whisky a soft and appealing roundness. Like the previous edition, and the upcoming ones in the Silent Mills series, the whisky is bottled with an alcohol strength of 51%.


  • Peat smoke
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon peel
  • Pineapple


  • Pear
  • Torkade fikon
  • Mjölkchoklad
  • Inlagda päron


  • Sweet
  • Spicy