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Silent Mills 01 - Marieberg

Silent Mills is a series where we delve deeper into our peated recipe and talk about an soon forgotten chapter in the history of Sweden and the High Coast, the sawmill era. The Silent Mills series is based on Timmer in our Origins series and its smoky flavour. Silent Mills is also a tribute to the many sawmills that once edged the beaches of the Ångermanälven in the area where our distillery is now located, sawmills that have long been silenced.

Timmer is the foundation for the Silent Mills series, a peated Bourbon barrel matured whisky where the result has been to let the quiet smoke taste sweep in like fog veils from the river.

Silent Mills 01 – Marieberg allows the smoke to take over. With the malt peated at 44 ppm and a higher alcohol content, the flavours become more distinct and the smoke we encounter in Timmer becomes cacophony of flavours found within our peated recipe.

Release date at Systembolaget March 27th article number: 4072602