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Silent Mills 03 – Svanö

Silent Mills 03 – Svanö is number three in a category of whiskies that deepens and develops the theme of the pedigree and authenticity of our Origins series. Our brand draws its power and originality from the High Coast, and its nature, history and stories. In Silent Mills, our historical origins in the Norrland forest industry are in focus and the whisky is linked to our Origins edition, Timmer.

Like the Timmer starting point, all Silent Mills editions are peated and are mainly matured in 200 liter bourbon barrels. The crucial difference between the Timmer and Silent Mills series is that we add other casks to the Silent Mills whiskies to deepen the taste and create whiskies with more complexity and an exciting tonality. 

In Silent Mills 03 – Svanö, it is Swedish oak that expands the taste perspective. This peated whisky has a subtle approach to aroma. The smokiness is barely noticeable on a first sniff. During the tasting, the lovely peat smoke emerges in full bloom and then it suddenly becomes abundantly apparent even to the nose. This is a really cool and multi-layered whisky that demands its time in the glass. 

Released April 13 on the swedish market by Systembolaget


  • Pear
  • Ginger
  • Custard sauce
  • Peat
  • Orange peel
  • Nutmeg


  • Söt torvighet
  • Vanilj med citrusstråk
  • Bread spices


  • Sweet
  • Notes of tobacco and licorice