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Cask owner

Owning a barrel with unique and high quality High Coast whisky, yourself, with friends or via your company or whisky whisky club is an exciting way to deepen your interest in whisky. As a cask owner with us not only are you engaging on your own whisky journey but sharing experiences with many others.

How to become a cask owner

Here’s a quick guide to how it is possible to start the cask journey together with us. All details with the business model, prices, choices and more are available in our cask shop online. And you can always call any of our cask experts that you find further down. Let’s go!

Choice of cask

Our casks are know as Ankare (anchor), it’s an old measurement of volume of 39,25 liters.
Because they are handcrafted from a living material, the measurements may vary slightly from barrel to barrel.

You need to decide what type of anchor you want to mature your whisky in. Oak is of course the basic material in our barrels but there are lot of types to choose from. Our standard barrels are bourbon barrels, barrels which have previously matured American bourbon, or sherry barrels, which have got their character from Spanish sherry. But we always have several other barrels to choose from, for example barrels of Swedish new oak or from other parts of the world, barrels that may have contained rum, or smoky whisky from Islay. What you and your friends need to decide is what kind of whisky you want once bottled. Spicy exciting new oak, butter bourbon, sweetness and dried fruit from sherry or whatever you like.

Peated or Unpeated

It is important to determine the style of spirit to be filled into the casks. What type of whisky do you prefer? Rugged, smoky or elegant. The final style and the taste of the whisky will be determined by the elements that you choose, as well as those provide by nature. Once this has been done it’s time to order your cask by contacting one of our brand ambassadors at the bottom of the page.

Filling the cask

During the year we have a number of cask filling days when you as a cask owner can visit us and fill your own barrel, a very memorable experience. If you are not able to participate, we will fill the cask on your behalf nail on the nameplate which you have chosen for your cask. When the cask is filled, the alcohol has a strength of about 60% abv

Follow the development while waiting for something special

The cask is placed in our warehouse located by the beach of Ångermanälven where it is exposed to the different climate changes from the seasons of the northern climate. Now you are a cask owner and belong to an exclusive group of whisky enthusiasts who have a special place in our hearts. There is a dedicate site, Cask owners web, where you can design your cask and monitor its development during maturation. To be called whisky, it must mature for a minimum of 3 years. After three years many of the anchor casks using new oak will be close to reaching full maturity. The barrels which previously contained other spirits such as bourbon, rum or sherry usually need some more time to reach their full potential. But, ultimately it is you who decide when your barrel is ready to be bottled. Every year you can take out a sample from your cask to follow its development.

As a cask owner, you’ll recieve ongoing offers and invitations to various events such as cask owner meetings throughout various locations in Sweden. We also arrange cask owner cruises with Viking Line to Estonia for those that choose to pick up their bottles there.

Time to bottle the whisky

Once you have decided your whisky is ready to be bottled, contact us and decide how your label will look. Depending on how much has evaporated and if you wish to dilute the whisky you should expect around 50-60 bottles of lovely single malt whisky with a personal touch. We offer collection in Germany, Denmark, Estonia and of course via Systembolaget. The different alcohol tax rates affect the final price per bottle. Now its time to enjoy and maybe refill the cask once more.

Talk to us about details and options

There are lots of choices and options when you own your own whisky cask at High Coast Distillery. Talking to one of our cask experts is the safest way to start your ownership in the right way. You can find their contact information below, they are there for you.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Terms & Conditions for cask ownership

Welcome to an exciting journey with us at High Coast Distillery!

Here are your contacts!

Sara Larsson 076 306 19 26

Bo Eng 070-5520461

John Bielsten 0707740930