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31 maj 2024 07:03

High Coast releases Alba II

Our prized whisky Alba is back as Alba II

Our prized whisky Alba is back as Alba II

The American oak, Quercus Alba and our fruity new-make are a union of two continents, a result that has been characterised by the northern climate over time. Expect the same finesse between the vanilla notes of the American oak and the bourbon barrels that have had almost ten years to develop, where we have allowed the oak's flavours to take centre stage without competing with smoke. Our new make work well with Quercus Alba, both with smoke and without, as several blind tastings have shown over the years. Comments from festivals about Alba have clearly shown the same, the combination therefore deserves its own series where this will be the second one. Enjoy an unpeated whisky packed with toffee, vanilla and the fresh fruitiness of the spirit, enjoy Alba II.
Alba II will be launched in Sweden on 31th of May and in selected international markets during 2024.

Quick facts
Alba II is a 100% unpeated whisky
Alcohol: 49.7%.
Age: 9.55-10.01 years, average 9.73 years
Phenol content: 0 ppm
Barrel: Bourbon, New American Oak

Tasting notes:
Nose: Vanilla pod, toffee and pear
Taste: Gooseberry, coconut, elderberry
Finish: Sweet and long with light spiciness

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