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19 mars 2024 13:02

Construction of High Coast Distillery's new warehouse begins

High Coast Distillery continues to invest in the future

High Coast Distillery continues to invest in the future.

The company announced on 3 November that a decision had been made to invest in a new warehouse. During March, ground preparation has taken place and at the time of writing the foundation is being prepared. The new warehouse is located in the distillery premises and with the new warehouse the company has a storage capacity of 2,800,000 OLA*. The next step in the process is to cast an edge beam and then erect the walls and roof. During the second quarter of 2024, the warehouse is expected to be completed and filled with fragrant whisky casks.

"As well as providing the necessary space for our future production, the warehouse is a symbol of High Coast Distillery's confidence in the future as we continue to prepare for our expansion and internationalisation.” - CEO, Linus Håkansson

*OLA - the amount of raw spirit filled in a given cask, converted to 100% pure alcohol.

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