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American Oak

Box American Oak can be said to be the inspiration to the series about the importance of oak that came the following year under the name Quercus. American Oak received great recognition among whisky connoisseurs around the world for its quality and maturity despite only 5 years in the warehouses.

The American white oak (Quercus Alba) is by far the most common species in the modern whisky industry. It became dominant in Scotland after prohibition period in the United States, when the oak forest owners alongside the coopers managed to push through a law that American whiskey (bourbon) may only be stored in barrels comprised new oak. The result was that lots of used oak barrels started to be shipped over the Atlantic.
With Box American oak, we wanted to investigate how to highlight the American white oak attributes with, careful cask selection and the use of new American oak (Virgin Oak). The result was really exceptional. After American Oak was presented to the market, praise poured in. Many thought that this was the absolute best that the distillery presented so far. A whisky with depth and many layers despite its young age.