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Peated single malt whisky matured in first fill Bourbon barrels. Timmer is our peated whisky, our humble tribute to the men and women who once lived and worked here. Those who risked their lives fighting icy cold waters as they steered the heavy logs downstream and kept warm by burning fires under the pale moon light.

Origins is a series where we celebrate our heritage. We have embraced our location, history and geography and created four whiskies that reflect these aspects. The Origins quartet is released in selected Systembolaget stores as well as in the ordering range and in selected international markets.

Timmer was launched in May 2020 in local Monopoly stores in Västernorrland as well as nationally available via the order range. Timmer is also available in selected international markets and online stores


  • Pear
  • Vanilla


  • Campfire smoke
  • Rich vanilla sweetness


  • Citrus
  • Aska