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Quercus III Petraea

The third part of the Quercus series came at the turn of the year 2018-2019 and focused on another European oak species, this time from Hungary. Spicy and filled with classic oak notes, first matured in bourbon barrels then a final maturation in Hungarian oak, Quercus Petraea.

Quercus is a series where we explore the flavours that different oaks species and geographical regions can bare influence to the whisky. The first series was Quercus I Robur which went into depth with the European forest scene, Quercus robur. Number two in the series is the American white oak, Quercus alba. The third edition has been given its prominent character from the European mountain area, Quercus petraea.

Sessile oak, Quercus petraea, also called Cornish oak or durmast oak is a tree native to most of Europe. In Sweden it’s mostly found in the south and in rocky and light vegetation. Quercus Petraea is often used in the wine industry but it does however give very interesting characteristics to whisky.