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Quercus I Robur

The first expression in a new series where the properties of oak are examined and how they effect the maturation of whisky. First out was Quercus Robur the more prominent of the two oak species found in Sweden. This was released in October 2017.

Quercus is a series where we examine the flavours that different oak species contribute to the whisky during maturation. The first edition in Quercus has been named Robur after the European forest oak Quercus robur. The species grows in several parts of Europe, including, Burgundy and Limousin and is important in the wine and cognac industry. It is also the oak tree that to a large extent can be found throughout in Sweden up to the Norrland border in Gävletra. Quercus robur contains a relatively high proportion of tannins and antioxidants, and gives a lot of spicy and sweet flavours.