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Cask Owners Bottling 2015

The first tribute to all our private cask owners came in 2015. A unique bottling exclusively for the 134 owners of private bottlings have contributed with individual flavours. Bourbon matured, light smoky with a lovely top note from the barrel owning community.

Many times we have been asked what we do of the small volumes that remain once we’ve emptied and bottled an anchor for a customer. The answer is the cask owners’ bottling. We think that the best solution is to give back the remainder to all our cask owners through a unique bottling. By the end of October 2015, we had saved 31.2 kg from 134 bottles. The whiskey was used as a top note to spice up a base from quarter casks, which in this case, were 130 liter bourbon barrels. A more powerful base had completely hidden the character of the incoming remnants.