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The Archipelago 2015

This is a special bottling for the Viking Line Whisky Fair, which was a huge success. This bottle could only be purchased onboard Viking Cinderella 2015 and caused chaos when it was released. Thanks to its quality and exclusivity, Archipelago has been talked about and in demand. Thought as a one-off event, it became an annual tradition.

After the success of the festival auction in 2014, we thought that one could do something similar to the Viking Line Whisky Fair 2015. This too is a very limited edition that can only be purchased on board Cinderella. It should of course be a unique bottling that stands out and maintains our high quality. The Archipelago is in the style of The Festival 2014, but with an unpeated distillate.

The Archipelago contains no artificial colouring and is non chill-filtered.